/ˈdʌbəl / (say 'dubuhl)

1. twice as great, heavy, strong, etc.: double pay.
2. twofold in form, size, amount, extent, etc.; of extra size or weight: a double blanket.
3. composed of two like parts or members; paired: a double cherry.
4. Botany (of flowers) having the number of petals greatly increased.
a. (of musical instruments) producing a tone an octave lower than the notes indicate.
b. (of brass instruments) having a wider bore thus producing a deeper sonority.
6. twofold in character, meaning, or conduct; ambiguous: a double interpretation.
7. deceitful; hypocritical; insincere.
8. folded over once; folded in two; doubled.
9. duple, as time or rhythm.
10. Printing denoting a size of paper of twice the area of the size specified.
11. a twofold size or amount; twice as much.
12. a duplicate; a counterpart.
13. Printingdoublet (def. 5).
14. a sudden backward turn or bend.
15. a shift or artifice.
16. Ecclesiastical one of the more important feasts of the year, so called because the antiphon is doubled, i.e., sung in full before each psalm as well as after (except for little hours).
17. Film, etc. a substitute actor who takes another's place, as in difficult or dangerous scenes.
18. Theatre an actor with two parts in one play.
19. Militarydouble time (defs 2 and 3).
20. Tennis two successive faults in serving.
21. (plural)doubles (def. 2).
22. (in bridge or other card games)
a. a challenge by an opponent that the declarer cannot fulfil the contract, increasing the points to be won or lost.
b. a hand which warrants such a challenge.
c. a conventional bid informing a partner that one's hand is of a certain strength.
23. (in darts)
a. a narrow space between two parallel circles on the outer edge of a dartboard.
b. a throw which places a dart there.
24. (in Australia) a form of multiple betting on two horseraces: feature double; daily double.
25. a ticket, as for an entertainment, social event, etc., for two people.
26. Colloquial a two-barrelled shotgun.
27. the performance of a cricketer who has scored a thousand runs and taken a hundred wickets in one season.
28. Also, double-bank. Especially Qld, NSW a ride obtained from being doubled (def. 38). Compare Chiefly South Coast Qld and North Coast NSW bar1 (def. 20); Especially Victoria, WA, ACT and Tasmania dink1 (def. 1); Especially WA and SA dinky3 (def. 2); Chiefly NSW and ACT dinky-double (def. 1); Chiefly SA donkey2 (def. 1); Especially WA, Victoria and Tasmania double-dink (def. 1); Qld, NSW, ACT doubler (def. 2); Chiefly Qld and NSW dub5 (def. 1).
verb (doubled, doubling)
verb (t)
29. to make double or twice as great: to double a sum; to double a size.
30. Film, etc. to act as a double or substitute for (another actor).
31. to be or have twice as much as.
32. (sometimes followed by over, up, back, etc.) to bend or fold with one part upon another.
33. to clench (the fist).
34. to sail or go round: to double Cape Horn.
35. to couple; associate.
36. Music to reduplicate by means of a note in another part, either at the unison or at an octave above or below.
37. Bridge
a. to increase (the points) to be won or lost on a declaration.
b. to make increased, as a bid.
38. Also, double-bank. Especially Qld, NSW to convey as a second person on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle. Compare Chiefly South Coast Qld and North Coast NSW bar1 (def. 28); Especially Victoria, WA, ACT and Tasmania dink1 (def. 2); Especially WA, SA dinky3 (def. 1); Chiefly NSW and ACT dinky-double (def. 2); Chiefly SA donkey2 (def. 2); Especially WA, Victoria and Tasmania double-dink (def. 2); Chiefly Qld and NSW dub5 (def. 2).
verb (i)
39. to become double.
40. (sometimes followed by up) to double a stake in gambling or the like.
41. (sometimes followed by up) to bend or fold.
42. Military to march at the double-time pace.
43. to serve in two capacities, as
a. Theatre to play two stage roles in a small company.
b. Music to play two instruments in a band.
44. Bridge to become increased, as a bid.
45. twofold; doubly.
46. at (or on) the double,
a. Colloquial fast; quickly; at a run.
b. in double time, as in marching troops.
47. come the double on, Colloquial to deceive; doublecross.
48. double back, to turn back on a course.
49. double meaning, a meaning which operates on two levels at once, as at a literal and a figurative or idiomatic level: *The title has a double meaning in French – fleeing in panic and going limp sexually. –aap news, 1999.
50. double or quits, Colloquial
a. a bet in which a debt is doubled if the debtor loses, or discharged if the debtor wins.
b. any of various gambling games based on this principle.
51. double up, to share quarters, etc.
52. live (or lead) a double life, to conduct one's life in an apparently blameless fashion while secretly involved in a dishonourable, immoral, or socially disapproved activity.
{Middle English, from Old French duble, from Latin duplus twice as much, from duplex twofold}
doubleness, noun
doubler, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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